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RE: Proper Container Stuffing

Dear Valued Customers,
The importance of proper packing of cargo into containers is essential. Improper packing of containers can result in:
- Danger to the lives of ship’s crew and stevedores.
- Damage to cargo lifting and handling equipment.
- Damage to cargo and containers.
- Delays in vessel cargo operations.

It is the responsibility of the cargo shipper to ensure that the containers are stuffed correctly. Please ensure that you distribute the weight equally inside the container whilst stuffing - taking care not to exceed permissible weight as mentioned on the container CSC plate – and avoid concentrating heavy weights at one side or one end.

With immediate effect, for any improperly stuffed container, we will implement a Container Misdeclaration Surcharge (CMS) of minimum $1000 per TEU. This will be subject to increase depending on the scope of any damage / loss / delays. Furthermore, we reserve the right to terminate the voyage of the container in any transshipment port and to destuff the container with all costs to the shippers’ account.

All charges arising from the incorrect stuffing of containers will need to be settled by the shipper prior to container release at destination.
We count on your compliance.


Proper Container Stuffing 021021.pdf