About UAFL

Our Mission

Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands premier feeder service

Our team is constantly developing specialized, high-quality solutions that have sustained UAFL's current regional status as East Africa's and the Indian Ocean Islands' premier feeder service. We are able to ensure constant customer satisfaction through straightforward transactions, efficiency, competitive rates, value-added innovations and continuous progression.

Our vessels link the Indian Ocean Islands and the East Coast of Africa with the rest of the world, providing access to global markets. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and an ability to make quick decisions to meet customer demands in a rapidly changing shipping environment."

Michael McKeown - UAFL Managing Director

Our Company

Flexibility - Reliability - Customer orientation

UAFL is a specialist for shipping goods from and to the Indian Ocean covering East and Southern Africa and the Islands of the Indian Ocean. UAFL is part of the German shipping group Deutsche Afrika-Linien (DAL), one of the most highly respected liner shipping companies operating with a focus on Africa.

Working in a challenging environment, we make things work, having a vast knowledge of the African market, its challenges and its requirements through a professional and dedicated team.

our Services

  • Comprehensive product network in the
    Indian Ocean region
  • Stowage Consultation
  • Container Fleet
  • Inland Services

UAFL Profile

UAFL's shipping activities have evolved over the years from a small feeder carrier serving remote coastal ports in East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands to a leading regional shipping line offering global access to the Southern and East African coasts and the Islands. This is made possible with a fleet of multi-purpose, self-sustained, geared vessels suitable for carrying containers and break bulk, heavy lift special project shipments and hazardous cargoes.

UAFL offers a comprehensive network of trade routes within the region, linking the Islands and the East African coast with Europe, the Far East, the Americas, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent via a number of key regional transshipment hubs.

UAFL aims to offer a unique customer base world wide coverage from remote locations in an area known for its limitations and complexities.

UAFL has the unique ability to tailor services and rotations around specific customer requirements and thereby adding strategic value to global supply chains

The head-office of UAFL is based in Mapou, Mauritius.

Our History

United Africa Feeder Line, UAFL was founded in 2000 as a regional feeder service in Africa. Over the last 19 years, UAFL has become a leading regional carrier within the Indian Ocean. It has developed a large network of close ties and relationships with prominent local, regional and international carriers and and operate services from Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, Far East, South Africa and Europe to the East Coast of Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. In 2011, the group was taken over by DAL Deutsche Afrika-Linien. Under the new ownership, UAFL continues to be run as an independent commercial entity with its own management and own brand.

The groups established the Port of Mutsamudu on the Island of Anjouan as UAFL's key transshipment hub in the region handling containers to and from the Far East, Europe and the Gulf, the Indian Subcontinent, Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mozambique and South Africa.

UAFL is founded on innovation and client demands and continues to explore areas for expansion to support regional growth.

Our Team

Dr. Dag Sven Dieckmann

Managing Director UAFL Group (Indian Ocean Shipping Holdings)

Working in Africa is fascinating and rewarding but also pretty challenging. As being born in Germany and educated in Germany, France and the UK, I got inspired by Africa when I joined DAL Deutsche Afrika-Linien in 2009. Before that time, I had been working as a management consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In 2011 I took over the responsibility as Managing Director for the UAFL group (Indian Ocean Shipping Holdings). Beside UAFL, the group covers the port operations of Anjouan Stevedoring Corporation (ASC), the trading activities under the brand of Eastborne Maritime Trading (EMT) and the Spanfreight Shipping agency organisation(SSL).

Michael McKeown

Managing Director UAFL

I have been with UAFL since its inception and am fully aware of the difficulties of not only operating in an intricate region, but also of operating as a small regional player in an ever more world-wide industry dominated by a handful of global players. Our continued success in such an environment is testimony to our knowledge of our region and also to the focus and belief of our small and motivated team. I believe it is these factors that set us apart in the modern container industry and will the foundation of our success in the years to come.

Mohamed Atallah

Trade Manager Europe/Middle East/South Africa Trades

My passion towards working with people and understanding true service delivery has been the driving force behind a rewarding career in the Shipping industry. Over the past 14 years I've been based out of 4 of the world's international hubs spanning 3 continents, and had the privilege of traveling and meeting customers from many more different regions across the globe. What I've learnt is that most of them have the same requirements for service delivery: accessibility, swift responses, transparency and reliability. I've found these requirements in UAFL which is the reason behind our success; it is the same reason I've chosen to make this my home.

Lomie Tapela

Trade Manager Indian Subcon/South East Asia/China Trades

The past 9 years of my life have been dedicated to the world of shipping. I was inducted into the industry by the largest Shipping Line and moved through different roles within customer service, sales and commercial management. Having recently joined the UAFL team - I find myself at the heart of shipping. Being part of this dynamic, critically thinking, and knowledgeable team is a great experience. Our size is our strength; it provides strategic advantage in our capacity to react quickly to a turbulent industry; as well as assists us in our goal to successfully provide a great service to each of our customers.

Christian von Rantzau

Trade Manager Indian Subcon/South Africa/ Indian Ocean Islands/ Middle East Trades

Being born in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, shipping accompanies me since childhood. I took my first steps in the shipping business in 2004, when I started an apprenticeship at Hamburg Sud. During my time at university, I had the opportunity to gain work experience in several companies within the industry around the world. Now I have joined UAFL as a Trade Manager. It is a real pleasure to work with such a passionate and dedicated team on a beautiful island like Mauritius. Great to see how a strong team spirit can lead through the daily challenges of this industry.

Ludovic Marie

Equipment Manager

I started in the shipping industry in 2002 and joined UAFL since 2009 as the first Mauritian team member. Since then we have built up a solid equipment department where all equipment related matters are treated with competency and efficiency. It is a pleasure working in a very well structured and knowledgeable company like ours and member of a well-motivated team providing quality services. Although being a small company, I believe UAFL has the key to success with a bright future.

Audrey Nelson

Equipment Co-ordinator

Valerie Moutou

Equipment Co-ordinator

Kevin Venkatasamy

Deputy Equipment Fleet Manager

Tassee Mewhoor

Office Manager / Administration