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Key to UAFL's success is The Port of Mutsamudu on the Island of Anjouan, a terminal concession granted to Anjouan Stevedoring Company (ASC), (an associated Group company) which acts as UAFL's Indian Ocean Islands transshipment hub free of berthing congestion and good productivity levels benefits of which are passed onto our customer base, via improved transit times, increased flexibility and competitive port tariffs and freight rates.

In addition, UAFL makes use of existing transshipment hubs in the region such as the Port of Durban, Port Louis, Mombasa and Dar es Salaam providing access to the major trade routes including Europe, the Far East, the Red Sea, India, Pakistan and the Arabian Gulf.

PortConventional or Container TerminalTotal Quay LengthConventional ContainerGantry Cranes24 hrs PilotageNight NavigationCargo Operations
DAR ES SALAMConv. 7 (one to seven)Conv. 1,280mConv. 13 MConv. Yes 5-7mtTwo shifts-16hsYes24 hours
DAR ES SALAMCont. 4 (eight to eleven)Cont. 720mCont. 11 MCont. Yes 35mtYesYes24 hours
DIEGO SUAREZMixed Berth - 1300 M9,00M NO (FORKLIFT)YesYes24 hours
DURBAN2 x conventional terminals = 20 berths4530 M5.8 to 12.9 MNoYesYes24 hours
DURBAN2 x container terminals = 12 berths2645 M11.9 MYesYesYes24 hours
LONGONI2 conventional and container Terminal Mixed130 M11.00 MNoYesNormally yes12h + 3h overtime
MAJUNGAConventional250 M4,50 M (high tide)YesNoYes2 shifts of 8 hours
MAPUTOTwo: cntainer Terminal and300. M11.0 MContainer - 2YesYes24 hours 3 shifts
MAPUTOCabotage berth150.0 M6.5 MCabotage - 0YesYes 
MOCIMBOA DA PRAIA1 conventional berth30 M4.5 MNo   
MOMBASAConventional -163044 M10 MNoYesYes24 hours
MOMBASAContainer Terminal - 5964 M10.4 M80 MT   
MORONIOne general berth for both80 M3.5 MNo , Vessel CraneNo 12 hrsNo24 hours
MUTSAMUDUOne general berth for both237 M8.5 max for 174 M and then 3 for 63 MNoYesYes24 hours
NACALAConventional - 4610 M9.5 MNoYesYes24 hours
NACALAContainer Terminal - 2372 M14 MNoYesYes24 hours
NOSY BEContainer Terminal - 1150 MDraftYesNoYes3 Shift of 8hrs
PEMBA1 conventional berth182 M10 MNoYesYes24 hours
PORT LOUISConventionalQuay 1 = 125mtrs11 MNoYesYes24 hrs service
PORT LOUIS Quay 2-4 = 540mtrs Ship's cranes only   For Containers Only
QUELIMANEContainer Terminal240 M4.50 MNoNoNo24 hours
REUNIONMixed Conventional and Container Terminal2 X 500 M12,00 MYes 70,00 MTYesYes14 hours
TAMATAVE2 Container terminal 356 M10 M to 10.5M3 cranes 100mt eachYesYesPer shift(3 shift /day)
TAMATAVE1 tanker postmax LOA avilable 200m12 MNoFrom 06h00 to 16h00 for berthingSailing out yesTotal N°of hours
TAMATAVE1 bulk cargo terminal+2 breakbulk cargo berth170 + 290 M9.5 M / 8.5 M / 7MNoYesYesPer shift(3 shift /day)
TULEARMixed Berth - 1 200 M7,50 MNoDaytimeNoConv. 12hrs(daytime) Containers 24/ 24 hours

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