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Increase of Liner In and Liner Out charges in Moroni

Dear Valued Customers,
Please note that the authorities in Moroni have decided to apply a 10% VAT on all shipping services with effect from 24/03/18, including but not limited to Liner in/Liner out charges, container handling charges, port storage (incl. empty containers) etc. As a result of this VAT implementation the current surcharges are no longer covering the corresponding costs and UAFL will adjust the liner in/liner out charges for Moroni to EUR 195 per 20' and EUR 315 per 40' with effect from shipped on board date 15/04/18.
SCOPE: World to MORONI and MORONI to World
REVISED LIC/LOC : EUR 195 per 20'/ EUR 315 per 40' (dry and refrigerated)
EFFECTIVE DATE: 15th April 2018 (shipped on board date)
For further information, please contact your nearest UAFL Office.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support of UAFL.
Best Regards,
UAFL Management