UAFL Newspage

Seychelles Port Additional / Effective from 15th June 2017

Dear Valued Customers
In order to be able to maintain its current product offering, please note that UAFL
will implement a port additional of USD 125 per TEU for all cargo from/to Port Victoria (Seychelles)
with effect from 15th June 2017 (shipped on board date).

Scope: World to Port Victoria (Seychelles) and Port Victoria (Seychelles) to World
Quantum: USD 125 per 20’ / USD 250 per 40’ (dry and refrigerated)
Effective date: 15th June 2017 (shipped on board date)

The port additional can be paid at either port of loading or port of discharge.
It has to be specified in the B/L instructions where this surcharge is to be paid.

For further information, please contact your nearest UAFL office.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support of UAFL.

Best Regards