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Rate Restoration Middle East/India/Pakistan to Somalia Trade / Effective from 01st March 2017

Dear valued Customers

The ocean freight rates continue to be below the required level to cover basic operating costs or transportation costs on our Middle East/India/Pakistan to Somalia service. Considering that current levels are unsustainable for maintaining the present product offering, we are announcing a rate restoration programme for this trade lane.

In order to maintain a high service level and a comprehensive liner network, please be advised that with effect from 01st March 2017 the basic ocean freight rates for the traffic from the Middle East/India/Pakistan to Somalia will be increased by USD 200 / TEU for both dry and refrigerated cargo. This increase will apply on top of existing rates and will be subject to additional surcharges applicable at the time of shipment.

Scope: Middle East/India/Pakistan to Mogadishu (Somalia)
Rate restoration: USD 200 per TEU (dry and refrigerated)
First effective vessel from Jebel Ali: m/v CMA CGM LA TOUR 1959WS, ETD Jebel Ali 02nd March 2017

For further information, please contact UAFL UAE LLC, Dubai.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support of UAFL.

Best Regards